About us

KULAKOVSKY is Ukraine-based fashion brand of handcrafted high-end clothing aiming to create wardrobe staples beyond time and trends. 

At the heart of KULAKOVSKY mission lies the synergy of distinct values: responsible sourcing, premium quality production and dedicated customer experience. Artur Kulakovsky finds inspiration in intelligent timeless fashion, and reimagines classic silhouettes into a new and original edit. 

Today, KULAKOVSKY is a full production workshop of investment high-end clothing, but to this day we remain a family-owned business with distinctive values.

All the garments are produced locally from carefully obtained materials, following our slow-fashion approach to the manufacturing. Each tailor is responsible for the end-to-end creation of one garment which takes up to 10 days and makes each item limited and exceptional.

Any waste from leather cutting is carefully recycled or transformed into new pieces. 

Precision, dedication, and discipline are imperative at the KULAKOVSKY Atelier. Durability and sustainability are important considerations for us.

KULAKOVSKY craftsmen are moved by passion, and this transpires in their work and end results – the brand’s creations are made to be worn and loved, and each customer receives not just a product, but a long-term investment.

Among KULAKOVSKY friends are Ashley Graham, Olivia Culpo, Marc Forne, Christie Tyler, Grece Ghanem, Matilda Djerf and many other incredible people